At JGD we are in the business of visual problem solving. Identities, branding, repositioning livery and getting it right are second nature to us.

Maintaining the tradition of the small economical Australian design studio, we carry forward the torch of being the diversely talented giant killers of the industry. Good design isn't about spin and fancy offices.

Anything visual we will challenge and solve to the brief and more. Designing for print, the environment and the internet. We have 27 years of experience in the mining, healthcare, finance, insurance, industrial chemicals, food, automotive, liquor and publishing industries. Regardless of the visual media we provide on time answers.

We are different in our fair fee structure and ability to pool resources from our extensive network of industry professionals. We also illustrate, which is becoming less common in the current technological revolution.

We tailor solutions to our clients requirements by listening; always seeking to make dealing with us as easy as possible.

...we still 'love the work' and continue to do so ...its a big part of our life!

Ian James is our principal, call 0488 069 194 or Helen James 0417 528 156.

Visual thinking by design.

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JGD Graphic + Web:

172 + 172A Station Street

Aspendale Victoria 3195

AH: + 61 03 9587 2939

Ian James: 0488 069 194

Helen James: 0417 528 156


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